"Running to the Next Level"

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Saints Track Club - Chicago


Founded: 2008

Head Coach: Heraldo Morrison, Jr.

Areas of expertise: Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps and Mid-Distance. 

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About Saints Track Club

Helping children discover who they are and their capabilities by teaching them how to set goals and work to achieve their goals through the sport of track and field.


To help children discover their capabilities by helping them do thing that they did not do before.
To help children build self-confidence and self-esteem.
To promote and encourage running as a long life activity.
To provide a place where kids can be mentor to become successful.
To provide an opportunity for kids to get physically fit and learn about living a healthy lifestyle.
To prepare runner to compete in the elite level of track and field.
​To train and develop our runners to be able to get college scholarship.

​To Join

You will have to be between the age of 7 and 18. Participate in fundraising events Willingness to have fun running.  

Empowering Children to become independent, successful young adults. 

 Saints Track Club is a youth organization aiming to give children between the ages of 7 to 18 an opportunity to learn and compete in the sport of track and field. We also teach children life skills through the sport of Track and Field. We  provide children an opportunity to explore the many different events in the sport of track and field and to work on their skills in order to compete at Nationwide USATF events.  We teach them how to set goals and work independently to achieve them. 

What We’re Doing